v1.6 Release Notes

This is an incremental software release that adds several improvements across the board. The API is backwards compatible to v1.5.

For the detailed list of updates in this release, see the list of addressed issues since v1.5.

If you are currently using Nexus Delta from 1.5.x, please visit the migration instructions for the necessary steps to successfully upgrade.

Nexus Delta

The main goal of this release is to allow users to search across multiple projects through global search

Secondary goals include:

  • The possibility for Delta to query a secured Elasticsearch cluster
  • The introduction of a dedicated Blazegraph client for user-defined queries with the possibility to define a timeout to improve Blazegraph stability
  • Synchronous indexing
  • The analysis of properties and relationships of resources within a project through the graph analytics plugin
  • The listing of resources within an organization and within all projects
  • The configuration of the RDF parser
  • The deletion of projects and all its resources
  • Automatic project provisioning
  • The introduction of quotas
  • Tagging resources after deprecation

A series of bugs have also been fixed with this new release.


These two features are now marked as deprecated and will be removed in an upcoming release:

Global search

Before 1.6, searching across several projects was not available in Nexus. The first version of Global search included in this release aims to fill this blank.

Global search is composed of 2 parts:

  • A Delta plugin which allows to index and query resources according to a given configuration
  • A matching plugin in Fusion allows to query the endpoints provided by Delta to filter/sort results and customize how these results are displayed to the users

More details about search and how to configure it is provided here

Please note that this first version is experimental in both Delta and Fusion and that improvements and possibly breaking changes may be introduced in the upcoming releases.

Secure the Delta Elasticsearch client

With 1.6, it is now possible to define credentials to query a secured Elasticsearch cluster: Elasticsearch configuration.

Dedicated Blazegraph client for user-defined queries

User-defined queries could bring instability to Blazegraph because of their complexity. In 1.6, a dedicated client with a timeout which triggers a circuit breaker in Blazegraph has been introduced in order to solve that problem.

Synchronous indexing

From 1.6, the different types of resources can be indexed directly after creation/modification without waiting for the background indexing process to pick it up.

Graph analytics

This new plugin helps users to inspect the properties and relationships of the different resources in a given project.

Only the Delta endpoints are available in this release but a Nexus Fusion plugin will be released soon to make use of it.


The different types of resources can now be listed at the organization level and within all the projects the current user has access to.

Configurable RDF parser

The RDF parser allowing to validate incoming data can now be configured in order to be more or less strict.

Automatic project provisioning

When enabled, a dedicated project is created for the current user on its first access to the Nexus platform.

How to enable and configure it is detailed here

Deletion of projects

The deletion of projects and all its enclosed resources is now possible by enabling a configuration flag via a dedicated endpoint.


It is now possible to define via static configurations quotas on projects.

Tagging resources after deprecation

The different types of resources can now be tagged after their deprecation.

View passivation

Views are now stopped if no new event has been processed after a configured period.

Nexus Fusion


  • Revamped Fusion search. Fusion search will now use delta search end point and will provide a improved UI with sorting, filtering, pagination etc.
  • Real-time updates. Fusion now uses ‘indexing=sync’ option in delta API. This means all the updates made through fusion will be indexed in delta synchronously.
  • Sub apps other than studio will be hidden in sidebar for anonymous users.
  • Fusion will show a warning message when projects are due for deletion.


  • Fixes on video player plugin.

Nexus Forge

See Nexus Forge documentation for release notes.