Blue Brain Nexus

Blue Brain Nexus is an ecosystem that allows you to organize and better leverage your data through the use of a Knowledge Graph. In addition to the products listed here, you’ll find a rich ecosystem of libraries and tools.


The Blue Brain Nexus ecosystem encompasses a broad range of capabilities that are brought to you across three complementary products and a suite of utilities.

Nexus Fusion

Enabling Collaborative Data and Knowledge Discovery

Fusion is our extensible web application. It hosts different apps to accommodate various use cases. It comes by default with Studios (where you work with data), Admin (for managing the Nexus instance), and will soon support to organise your data activities. It runs on top of the Delta web services, and integrates neatly with our Forge python framework.

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Nexus Forge

Building and Using Knowledge Graphs Made Easy

Nexus Forge is a domain-agnostic, generic and extensible Python framework enabling non-expert users to create and manage knowledge graphs.

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Nexus Delta

Managing the Data and Knowledge Graph Lifecycle

A scalable and secure service to store and leverage all your data, neatly organised in a Knowledge Graph. It offers an API to perform all your data management operations, this way it can easily integrate with your software stack. Its advanced indexing capabilities automatically build views from your metadata.

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The Nexus ecosystem leverages a set of smaller open-source utilities.

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Quick Start Guide

Do you know know what a knowledge graph is? Or want to deepen your understanding? Follow our introduction.

Want to get started with Nexus right away? We provide a tutorial that uses our sandbox environment to let you try the functionalities.

Ready to deploy your own instance of Nexus? Follow our guide.


Looking for docs for another release of Nexus ?

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Curious about our upcoming features? Read our open Roadmap to find out more.