Nexus Metadata

Nexus Delta entities fall in two categories:

Upon creation of these entities, Nexus Delta will create metadata fields which are described below.

  • _self: unique address of the entity across Nexus Delta
    • Nexus Delta follows the HATEOAS architecture, which is reflected in the _self address being discoverable in Nexus Delta’s different responses. Example: from a resources listing operation, the _self endpoints listed can be used to fetch the underlying resources


The following metadata can help to audit an entity.

  • _rev: the revision number of the entity
  • _deprecated: boolean indicating whether or not the entity is deprecated
  • _createdAt: datetime at which the entity was first created
  • _createdBy: the user that first created the entity
  • _updatedAt: datetime at which the entity was last updated
  • _updatedBy: the user that last updated the entity