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You are browsing the docs for Nexus v1.5.x, the latest release is available here


Domains (Schemas, Vocabularies)

Nexus provides some schemas which make building provenance based knowledge graphs easier.

Nexus Core Schemas


SHACL version of a subset of schemas defined by schema.org that are commonly used in Blue Brain Nexus.

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Data management oriented SHACL version of W3C PROV-O.

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Nexus domain specific components

Nexus BBP Data models

Data models that Blue Brain has developed in order to facilitate the integration of specific neuroscience data.

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A community effort to develop open SHACL schemas for FAIR (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, Reproducible) neuroscience data.

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Nexus Tools

Nexus CLI

A command line interface (CLI) to perform basic operations on a Nexus deployment.

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Nexus Python SDK

A Python wrapper for the Blue Brain Nexus REST API.

How to install the Nexus Python SDK

pip install nexus-sdk


import nexussdk as nexus



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The Javascript SDK provides many features to help you build web applications that integrate with Blue Brain Nexus.

Nexus JS logo

How to install Nexus.js

npm install @bbp/nexus-sdk

Typescript declarations

The SDK is written in Typescript, so type declarations for all operations are included in the package.

You can generate documentation using npm run documentation or with docker by running make documentation. More information can be found here.

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Other JavaScript Packages


This package contains some utility components to easily integrate the Nexus SDK as React hooks or contexts.


Another utility packages was written to facilitate chained calling behavior, which can be used independently of Nexus.js for other projects.

Indexing data in other systems

Nexus also provides a CLI tool to index data into other systems. PostgreSQL and InfluxDB are currently supported. More information about this tool can be found here.