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You are browsing the docs for Nexus v1.5.x, the latest release is available here

Authentication & Authorization

Authentication is the process of validating that users are who they claim to be while authorization gives those users permission to access an API resource.


In order to interact with Nexus Delta, clients need a valid access token in order to claim their identity. Tokens can be obtained from authentication providers. Please see, realms for documentation on how to find available providers(realms).

Each realm defines openid-configuration endpoint. From that endpoint, clients can obtain the information necessary to acquire an access token, especially the authorize and token endpoints for the provider.

Please see oauth2 documentation for different authentication flows available for different types of applications.


The access token obtained during the authentication process has a series of identities that the authorization process leverages to grant access to certain API resources.

The configuration of Nexus Delta access control for different identities is described in the ACLs section of the documentation. Each API resource section describes the required permissions an identity must have in order to be able to access that endpoint.

A client should provide the access token information to Nexus Delta when accessing a protected API endpoint through the Authorization HTTP header.


curl -H "Authorization: Bearer {ACCESS_TOKEN}" "http://localhost:8080/v1/version"