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You are browsing the docs for Nexus v1.5.x, the latest release is available here

Nexus Forge

Blue Brain Nexus Forge is a domain-agnostic, generic and extensible Python framework enabling non-expert users to create and manage knowledge graphs by making it easy to:

  • Discover and reuse available knowledge resources such as ontologies and schemas to shape, constraint, link and add semantics to datasets.
  • Build knowledge graphs from datasets generated from heterogenous sources and formats. Defining, executing and sharing data mappers to transform data from a source format to a target one conformant to schemas and ontologies.
  • Interface with various stores offering knowledge graph storage, management and scaling capabilities, for example Nexus Core store or in-memory store.
  • Validate and register data and metadata.
  • Search and download data and metadata from a knowledge graph.

For more information about the Forge, please refer to the documentation.