Nexus Fusion

Enabling Collaborative Data and Knowledge Discovery

An extensible, open-source web interface that thrives on your data. With workspaces, plugins, and an admin interface available out-of-the-box, you can start working with your ingested data immediately.


Nexus Fusion offers rich features for working with data. We are constantly enriching those.



Query, organize, visualize, and download the data and metadata stored in your Nexus instance, or federate across other instances.



Extend Fusion with your own apps and plugins thanks to our modular architecture. Easily adapt the interface to your domain and needs.



Leveraging the powerful indexing of Nexus Delta, Fusion offers advanced search functionalities. Use our defaults or customize your own.


Graph Exploration

Explore the vicinity of the selected resource or write your own graph queries (SPARQL).



Manage your Nexus Delta instance from the visual interface instead of the command line.



Design your own data workflow: chain steps and link them with activities and data, and quickly get an overview of your project's status.

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Fusion inside the Nexus ecosystem

Nexus Fusion is the web application that runs on top of our Nexus Delta API. It supports all the functionalities of the backend services, from managing permissions to indexing resources. It is built with collaboration in mind.