Blue Brain Nexus

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The open-source knowledge graph
for data-driven

Transform your data into a fully searchable linked-data graph

A flexible data platform for the future

Data Modeling

Nexus offers an expressive knowledge representation language as well as tools to build high quality data models and to organise data in a knowledge graph where assets are related together. Each asset can be richly described using relevant controlled vocabularies.

schemas Define Entities

Each entity can be modeled using schemas, giving you the opportunity to define its type, properties and constraints.

domains Domain agnostic

The platform can deal with any data and support the modeling of any domain of application.

domains Leverage Controlled Vocabularies

Describe entities using existing vocabularies (e.g. or develop your own and share it with your organisation. Import and manage domain specific ontologies to consistently describe your entities.

domains Enforce Data Rules

Define constraints on your entities using W3C SHACL to ensure that metadata is and remain of high quality.

domains Share Data Models

The use of non proprietary technology facilitate sharing of modeling efforts. This enable the building of communities.

Data Ingestion

Securely ingest, organise and evolve your own data in a knowledge graph to start enabling all your data driven activities.

schemas Start Simple

Metadata can be ingested without the need to define a very expressive and sophisticated data models.

domains Grow Refined

Evolving your data to leverage these capabilities will make it more discoverable and rich, which in turn multiplies the value of your digital assets.

domains Data Evolution in Mind

Data is not static, it evolves with your needs. Nexus enables you to plan and execute this evolution through data migration.

domains Validation

The constraints defined in your data model will be enforce upon data ingestion and ensure data compliance.

domains More Than A Metadata Catalog

Upload and manage your raw data. Search and access them through high quality metadata.

domains Manage Privacy Settings

Control which users and groups can operate on the assets.

domains Third Party Integration

All platform functionalities are available through REST APIs to facilitate automation and integration with third party software.

domains Python Client

A python client facilitates integration with existing applications.

Data Governance

Data management of all the data which your organisation has to ensure is of high data quality throughout the complete lifecycle of the data. The resulting data in Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, Reusable.

schemas Catalog Organisation’s Assets

Identify and capture all entities you want to capture and track to enable data driven activities.

domains Manage Controlled Vocabularies

Organisation wide sharing of controlled vocabularies as a powerful tool to provide a standardised and unified view of your assets.

domains Define Data Rules

Define a set of rules to enforce high quality metadata. These will be asserted during validation

domains Plan Data Migrations

Data evolve over time with the organisation’s use cases. Data lifecycle can be implemented through migrations.

domains Role Based Views

Nexus allows to build customised views of assets specific to various user roles.

domains Secure Data Access

Use platform security to define who a access specific data.

domains Capture Provenance

Describe how your data was generated. Enable platform users to assess quality, build trust.

Data Consumption

Navigate your knowledge graph to power your data driven activities.

schemas Graph Exploration

Search across all your assets, using properties of your entities as well as their relations in your knowledge graph.

domains Discover

Get suggestions based on assets that match a given set of filters.

domains Download Raw Data

Download digital assets to fuel your data driven activities.

domains Interoperability

Data is exposed using international open standards to ensure maximum interoperability.

domains Semantic Search

Leverage controlled vocabularies to expand user queries with synonyms, related terms.

domains Visualise

Use our smart clients to visually navigate the knowledge graph and your data.

domains Faceted Navigation

Explore your data using dynamically generated filtering tools determined by facets you can control

Enable everyone in your data ecosystem

Data specialists get fine-grained control they need, while programmers and scientists are enabled with tools they'll love to work with

Data Steward Data Steward

  • Manage organisation assets
  • Manage controlled vocabularies
  • Operationalise data governance
  • Define role-based views
  • Secure data access

Data Steward Data-driven Scientist

  • Semantic Search
  • Data discovery
  • Downloadable data
  • Easily share new findings
  • Track provenance
  • Enable reproducability
  • Leverage historical and new data seamlessly

Data Steward Knowledge Engineer

  • Design data models
  • Manage controlled vocabularies
  • Implement validation rules
  • Versioning of schemas, metadata, and data

Data Steward Software Engineer

  • Build smart clients
  • Accelerate adoption by building domain specific applications
  • API access to large data stores
  • Computable metadata
  • Extensible

Data Steward IT & Infrastructure Engineers

  • High performance, scalability, and concurrency
  • Easy deployments
  • Scalable platform service
  • Integrate with your organisation's identity management

Why did we build Nexus?

The Blue Brain Nexus is a provenance based, semantic enabled data management platform enabling the definition of an arbitrary domain of applications for which there is a need to create and manage entities as well as their relations (e.g. provenance).

For example, the domain of application managed by the Nexus platform deployed at Blue Brain is to digitally reconstruct and simulate the brain.

It is to be noted that many other scientific fields (Astronomy, Agriculture, Bioinformatics, Pharmaceutical industry, ...) are in need of such a technology. Consequently, Blue Brain Nexus core technology is being developed to be agnostic of the domain it might be applied to.

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