Nexus Delta

Managing the Data and Knowledge Graph Lifecycle

A secure and scalable service that allows you to organize your data into a Knowledge Graph. Its API enables you to store your data, describe them with metadata, enforce format using schemas combined with automatic validation, capture provenance, and access revisions.


Delta offers a rich set of features to manage your data.


Data Management

Store, manage, and describe all your data, using schemas and leveraging automatic validation.


Scalable & Secure

Use Docker, Kubernetes for deployments, and interface with your organization’s authentication provider.


Flexible Storage

Configure Nexus to use the storage technology you already use, we support both POSIX systems and cloud storage.


Powerful indexing

We index all your data automatically to enable search in the Knowledge Graph. You can customize the indexing to suit your needs.



Use Server Sent Event (SSE) to write your own extensions. In addition, our new architecture allows you to write custom plugins and contribute to the community.



Our federation capabilities allow you to make data available across several deployments of Nexus.

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Delta inside the Nexus ecosystem

Delta can be used as a store for Nexus Forge and works seamlessly with Nexus Fusion. We offer several clients that consume the API of Delta. Nexus.js allows you to build data-driven web applications, Nexus Python SDK to integrate your data pipelines with the Knowledge Graph and the Nexus CLI allows you to manage your deployment from the command line.

All data and metadata stored into your Knowledge Graph is versioned. All metadata is further indexed into views that offer several access modalities such as Graph and Document.