Linking data on the web


In this tutorial, we demonstrate how to consume structured data published on the web according to the Linked data principles to extend and enrich a knowledge graph.


What you’ll build

  • A simple pipeline to query entities managed within Blue Brain Nexus, connect them with entities available on the web as structured data and extend and enrich their metadata.

What you’ll learn

  • An understanding of linked data principles
  • How to query data stored in a Nexus SparqlView.
  • How to query structured data on the web.
  • How to extend the metadata of entities managed within Blue Brain Nexus with external structured data on the web. We target Wikidata as an example.
  • How to update entities within Blue Brain Nexus using the SDK and enrich their metadata

What you’ll need

  • A Python 3.5 or higher environment with support of Jupyter notebook

Get the tutorial code

This tutorial code is available: