Data volume and scenarios

Prior to the test execution a reasonable amount of data was injected into the system to ensure the system behaves well under a typical volume. Specifically:

  • Total number of resources: 115,690,687
  • Total number of triples (edges): 2,493,134,304
  • Total number of entities (nodes): 352,856,595
  • Total number of property types: 74
  • Total number of classes (distinct values of @type): 24

The data was generated by replicating a collection of provenance patterns, each spanning several resources:

The full collection of scenarios can be found here each within its own file.

Several scenarios were executed to verify the behaviour of the system, most notably:

  • create resource (with validation)
  • create resource (without validation)
  • get resource by id
  • tag resource
  • get resource by revision, get resource by tag
  • mixed operations: list resources, get resource by id, ElasticSearch query, BlazeGraph query, update resource

Please head over to the results section for a summary of the results and conclusions.