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The Nexus platform is made up of a collection of services and web applications that work together to manage data stored within the system. The services and web applications are powered by a collection of libraries and tools built specifically to address the needs of the platform. Underneath it all there are popular open source technologies that we all know and love.

Nexus Services

Nexus KnowledgeGraph

This service is the heart of the BlueBrain Nexus platform. It allows users to define their domain, populate the knowledge graph with data, attach files to data. It also provides semantic search facilities to discover similar and relevant data in the platform.

Source Code | Documentation

Nexus Admin

This service manages the platform wide scopes for data and their configuration (i.e.: the API mapping).

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Nexus IAM

This service manages the access to data within the platform. It makes use of configurable downstream OpenID Connect compliant identity providers to authenticate clients and manages the access controls for the entire platform.

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Nexus Web Applications

Nexus Web

This is the web interface to the platform. It allows users to browse the data within the system and perform administration tasks.

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Nexus Docs

Generated documentation for the platform (this website).

Source Code | Website

Domains (Schemas, Vocabularies)

Nexus Core Schemas


SHACL version of a subset of schemas defined by that are commonly used in Blue Brain Nexus.

Source Code


Data management oriented SHACL version of W3C PROV-O.

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Nexus domain specific components

Nexus BBP Data models

Data models that Blue Brain has developed in order to facilitate the integration of specific neuroscience data.

Source Code


A community effort to develop open SHACL schemas for FAIR (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, Reproducible) neuroscience data.

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Nexus tools

Nexus CLI

A command line interface (CLI) to operate basic operation on a Nexus deployment.

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Nexus Python SDK

This library will help Python users to integrate their tools with the Blue Brain Nexus platform.

Source Code | Documentation

JS SDK for Nexus

A set of helpers to abstract the Nexus API and build Javascript / Typescript applications.

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